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OLEG Blattschraube #11 für Sopran, Alt & Tenor Metallmundstücke

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The revolutionary Olegature saxophone & clarinet ligature is the result of a revolutionary new level of understanding of woodwind acoustics. The ligature is the most important piece of equipment on any single-reed instrument.

Though there are hundreds of ligature designs on the market (leather, plastic, hard metal, and so on), the Olegature ligature has been scientifically proven to produce the richest harmonic range of them all.

Unlike other ligatures, Olegature’s patented chain mesh design maximizes the reed’s natural harmonic modes and brings dampening to the minimum physically possible. This results in vast improvements to the timbre, response, intonation, and power. Musicians and listeners often describe the sound as having a fuller “presence”, or the way hearing live music sounds more “alive” than a radio recording.

The Olegature’s sensitivity to screw tightness allows the musician to create a deeper, darker sound, the brightest, sharpest sound, and everything in between. This makes the Olegature an excellent choice for musicians who perform both as soloists and in group settings.

The unique wire mesh design vibrates with the reed, allowing for perfect intonation, incredible response, and the most powerful sound.

  • Maximizes resonance and minimizes dampening
  • Preserves the reed’s natural vibration and harmonic range
  • Gorgeous jewelry quality craftsmanship
  • Available for all makes and models of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces
  • Comes in standard matte gold and custom white rhodium, and antique brass finishes.
  • Each comes in a beautiful case with an anti-slip ligature grip and a helpful instruction manual.
Marke: OLEG
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